At once, spring of 2016, Tom Larsen, SLC Utah native, jumped back into music after an extended hiatus raising family.  Tom started writing songs early--age 7--and began producing and recording his own material at 16.  By 23 he ran a state-of-the-art post-production recording studio, scoring films while his own songs caught the interest of legendary British producer Ken Scott (Bowie, Beatles, Supertramp).  A UK record deal offer followed, but he decided his young and growing family (including a son with special needs) needed full attention (late 80s). 

Tom was lured back to the stage when his son (also a musician) invited him to perform in a sold-out show featuring a tribute song (“Heroes”) the day after the family's fave artist (David Bowie) suddenly passed away.  The fuse was lit! Within a matter of months, Tom had put together 3 bands: 2 were tribute bands--Major Tom & The Moonboys (Bowie); Major Tom & The Pirates (Rolling Stones) and The Vistanauts (Tom's original music).  The Vistanauts’ debut Lp "Apollo Down" is a sonic travelogue and reinvention of "Major" Tom’s wide-ranged, eclectic musical muses through the years. Recent new singles "Electric Fire" and "TriBorg Monstrosity" reveal the broad depth and range of Tom and The Vistanauts' sonic, lyrical, influences and passion. 

The Vistanauts Bandcamp