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The Landing

"He sounds more like Bowie than Bowie sometimes!" it's said of "Major Tom" who fronts the critically acclaimed Bowie tribute band Major Tom & The Moonboys (Tom would never say that though!). But Tom Larsen's originals' band The Vistanauts yields a deep and diverse range of musical influences. The Vistanauts' debut album "Apollo Down" ranges from punkish to prog with glazes of fusion, rock, and spacey-folk. The lyrics are deep, literate and personal. "It's all rock'n'roll to me.  I love Bowie obviously," Tom says, "But I've been writing and recording my own stuff for years.  In "Apollo Down" I pulled it all together via 13 new songs, as a sort of travelogue/compendium through the various genres I've loved and explored through the years."